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About me


Hello. My name is Jarno Vesala and I do know quite a lot about computers, sales, marketing and how to use different kind of tools and techniques to help your business

Education and work

Originally I was graduated from Kotka Polytechnics as an Engineer specialized in sales and marketing. After this I have been working in many positions both in Finland and abroad. I have also studied Software development specialization studies in Lahti Polytechnics.

The passion

Doing sales and marketing is hard work. Sometimes the success can came without pushing and you don't know what happened. Sometimes you do everything 'right' and the results are really weak.

Making succesful sales and marketing is not just about luck. Of course some luck helps. Making good plans and professional personnel are very important. And then you need (a lot) customers. There is no business without paying customers.

I find all of this very interesting and want to share my passion with you.

The Digitel Agency

What I can do for you

Web Design

Clean designs that supports your brand and business goals. There is no limits in telling your story!!


Want something outside-the-box? No problem. Please tell me what you are thinking and we find the solutions together.


Strong, clear and responsible way of doing thing is the centre of modern business. How you are doing?

Social media

Lots of hype here. I can help you make social media communications with purpose and goal.

Marketing automation

When your business grows automating some marketing processes can save time and money.

Training and consultation

Your personnel is in center of your success. Let me help you to reach your goals.

The Digitel Agency

How to contact me

Additional info

JVesala Design
c/o Jarno Vesala
Kiekkokatu 3A3
15800 Lahti, Finland.
+358 (0) 40 585 0556
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